DOA Arrive Alive and Mispick Policy for

This DOA Policy is in effect to protect both you the customer and us the retail establishment from abuse or from fraudulent activities that often happen on both sides of the Livestock Online Retail Industry. All fish

DOA policy is as follows:

This DOA Policy is limited to the replacement or the credit of the deceased item. No cash refunds will be given, no exceptions.

1 All packages must be accepted via signature. Any package that is not signature delivered is not elligible for DOA Policy Coverage, unless prior arrangements have been made and satasfactory evidence of a dropoff location is provided.

2 All packages that contain deceased livestock (Fish, Corals, Inverts) must be intact and unopened. Any unopened packages do not qualify for DOA replacement.

3 Photos must accompany the DOA compaint which is made in the customer service section of this website. You may find that section by clicking >DOA CLAIM CLICK here<

4 Mispicked fish must be reported within the two hour delivery window as well. The options for this are as follows: 1. Accept the fish that was mispicked and receive a 15% credit towards any future order or return the fish and the amount paid will be credited to your account. Photos of the mispicked fish must accompany the doa/mispic claim as well.

5 Third party fish shipments- sometimes is able to sell at a lower cost, fish from third parties. These boxes are covered by the DOA/Mispick policy and have a 7 day live guarantee.

DOA Arrive Alive for Air Cargo Shipments from

All packages sent air cargo are required to be picked up within 2 hours of arrival at your airport, no guarantee is extended to any shipment if this requirement is not met. Credit for DOA on wholesale orders is only issued if you pickup your order within the 2 hour window of Air Cargo/Freight arrival. No exceptions to this livestock arrival policy will be granted.